Unlocking Organic Traffic for an Enterprise Blockchain Development Pioneer

The Client & The Brief – INDUSTRIA 

Project: Completed
Target audience: B2B

Level: High

INDUSTRIA, a pioneering player in enterprise blockchain technology services, sought to enhance its positioning and drive organic traffic from the United Kingdom. The primary objective was to increase visibility for key services such as Enterprise Blockchain, Smart Legal Contracts, and Private Blockchain solutions. The target audience encompassed businesses from sectors including Investment & Banking, Finance, and Insurance, along with startups focusing on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Proof of Concept (POC) development.



Increased Monthly Clicks


Increased impressions

✨ Highligts ✨

  • 413K Total Organic Impressions – 110% Increase
  • 3.45K Total Organic Clicks – 350% Increase
  • Fast indexing and results week after our start
  • Substantial increase in organic keyword trends

The services 


SEO Website audit - Technical & Semantic


Keyword Research & Mapping


Content Planning


On-Page SEO


SEO Copywriting


Blog Management

🚀 The Results

In our work with INDUSTRIA, we achieved remarkable results through an effective SEO strategy. Each new article we published was quickly noticed by search engines, and important keywords started showing up on Google’s results within days after publishing.

Powerful keywords included phrases like:


enterprise private blockchain - on the 1st page of Google


applications of blockchain - on the 1st page of Google


enterprise blockchain use cases


blockchain enterprise use cases


smart legal contracts


blockchain in insurance


blockchain for banking


blockchain cybersecurity companies


enterprise blockchain development and more!

By the third month, we saw a huge increase of more than 350% in clicks, meaning more people were visiting INDUSTRIA’s website. Impressions, which show how often their content appeared in search results, went up by over 110%. This shows how our work helped INDUSTRIA get noticed by a lot more people online.

In summary, our B2B SEO work with INDUSTRIA resulted in fast indexing of new content, impressive rankings for important keywords, and a big boost in clicks and impressions. These successes highlight our ability to make a real difference in the digital world, helping our clients like INDUSTRIA stand out and succeed.

🤓 Our approach

SEO Website Audit: A comprehensive evaluation of INDUSTRIA’s website was conducted, encompassing both technical and semantic aspects. The audit identified areas for improvement in site structure, user experience, and search engine compatibility.

Keyword Research & Mapping: Extensive research was conducted to identify high-value keywords relevant to INDUSTRIA’s services and target audience. These keywords were strategically mapped to various pages of the website.

On-Page SEO: Moreover, our comprehensive approach extended to On-page SEO optimization for select service pages on INDUSTRIA’s website. This involved meticulous fine-tuning of content, meta descriptions, and other on-page elements to enhance their visibility and resonance with both search engines and target audiences.

Content Planning: A content strategy was developed, aligning with the identified keywords and focusing on addressing the pain points and interests of the target audience.

SEO Copywriting: High-quality, SEO-optimized content was created for blog articles. The content aimed to provide valuable insights while naturally incorporating the target keywords.

Blog Management: An active SEO blog was established, featuring regular SEO articles on highly-searched topics related to blockchain trends and industry insights. This initiative aimed to position INDUSTRIA as a thought leader and engage the target audience.

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