From Drips to Clicks: A Case Study in SEO Success for a Waterpark Website

The Client & The Brief

Client: The first and biggest aquapark in Bulgaria

Project: Ongoing

Target audience:Tourists & Travelers From kids to grown-ups, Families & Big Groups of Friends

Difficulty Level: Middle to High

Zahra Consult, a leading digital marketing agency, collaborated with the first and largest aquapark on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast to enhance their online visibility and increase web traffic. This case study highlights the successful implementation of Zahra Consult’s digital marketing strategies, resulting in a significant boost in organic website traffic and revenue for the aquapark.

The services 


SEO Audit


Keyword Research & Mapping


SEO Content Strategy & Clusterization


Multilingual Optimization


On-Page SEO


Off-Page SEO


SEO Copywriting

The Highlights

  • 500.326% Increase in clicks
  • 776.623% Increase in impressions
  • Organic search users: 6081.82% increase April 2023 vs. July 2023
  • Over 54% of the new users on the website come from organic search.
  • Comparing the Google Search Console data from the summer season of 2023 with the same period in 2022, clicks and impressions have nearly doubled!


Zahra Consult analyzed the aquapark’s challenges and identified the following goals:


Increase brand awareness and online visibility.


Drive more traffic to the website.


Boost revenue through online ticket sales.

🤓 Our approach

Website Architecture Improvement

Zahra Consult redesigned the website structure to make it more user-friendly and search engine optimized. This involved optimizing page load times, improving navigation, and enhancing mobile responsiveness.


Creating Topic Clusters

To establish authority and improve search engine rankings, Zahra Consult implemented a topic cluster approach. They grouped related content together and interlinked them strategically, enabling search engines to index and rank the content more effectively.


Resolving Keyword Cannibalization

The team identified instances where multiple pages were competing for the same keywords, causing keyword cannibalization. They resolved this issue by optimizing the pages and ensuring each targeted specific keywords, thereby enhancing search engine visibility.


Multilingual Optimization

Recognizing the aquapark’s potential for international visitors, Zahra Consult optimized the website’s different language versions. This involved implementing proper hreflang tags, translating content accurately, and adapting SEO strategies for each language.


Engaging Content Creation:

Zahra Consult created compelling and engaging content that catered to both search engines and potential visitors. This included informative blog posts, visually appealing videos and images, and interactive elements to showcase the aquapark’s attractions and experiences.

The Results

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