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Project: Ongoing

Target audience: Everyone

Difficulty Level: High

Promoclub, an online retail (ecommerce) website, offers a diverse range of affordable products, from home appliances to car accessories and electronics. The client approached our marketing agency with the objective of boosting their online visibility, engaging with their audience, and driving increased website traffic and conversions.


An All-Time Record for Monthly Visitors of the Website

Website Clicks from Facebook in 2 Months


of Website Traffic Incoming from Social Media Platforms

Times more User Interactions With the Content compared to the Industry's Average Performance

✨ Highlights ✨


Explosive Facebook Group Growth: Within the first month, the Facebook group gained a staggering 1,167 members, setting the stage for a thriving online community.

  • High Engagement in Facebook Group: In just under a month, the Facebook group generated a robust total of 65 posts, 56 comments, and 420 reactions.
  • Record Monthly Visitors: June marked a record-breaking month for Promoclub’s website, welcoming an impressive 361,000 visitors.

The services 


Marketing Research & Strategy


Social Media Management of Facebook & Instagram


Community Management of a Facebook group


SEO Audit of the Website


Keyword Research & Mapping


SEO Content Strategy


SEO Copywriting


Monthly On-page & Off-page SEO

Check out some results

👇The Results (so far)👇

Month 1

Facebook Group Engagement

  • Within the first 28 days of creating the Facebook group, it gained an impressive 1,167 members.
  • A comparison with the previous month showed a remarkable 35.2% increase in the total number of Facebook users in June, reaching nearly 3.5 million users.
  • In the time span from June 6th to July 2nd, the Facebook group generated a total of 65 posts, 56 comments, and 420 reactions

Website Traffic

  • Page visits surged by 5.8% from the beginning to the end of the month.
  • June witnessed a record-breaking number of monthly visitors, with 361,000 individuals visiting the site.
  • The campaigns devised for the Facebook page and group achieved an impressive average of 40 clicks per day.

Month 2

Facebook Page Engagement

  • A comprehensive summary for the past 28 days (June 30th to July 27th) revealed impressive metrics:
    • Total post hits reached a staggering 4,617,354.
    • Engagement with posts amounted to an impressive 1,107,702 interactions.
    • New likes and followers saw a substantial increase, reaching 2,144 likes and 2,373 followers respectively.
    • Reactions amassed to 51,690, while comments reached 1,096.
    • An impressive 839,811 clicks were registered on shared links.
    • The Facebook page recorded a remarkable 137.7% increase in page visits compared to the previous month.

Facebook Group Growth & Engagement

  • The Facebook group continued to thrive, resulting in 2,373 new followers during July.
  • A remarkable 26.10% growth in site users originated from the Facebook group.
  • New users showed an impressive growth rate of 43.96%.
  • A total of 1,135 sessions were attributed to the Facebook group, accounting for 31.08% of site traffic.
  • The group facilitated an average of 40 daily clicks on shared links.
  • A significant 78.2% of website traffic originated from various social networks.

Group Activity & Engagement

  • During the period from June 30th to July 27th, the Facebook group showcased exceptional engagement:
    • A total of 57 posts, 220 comments, and 538 reactions were generated.
    • Among them, 29 posts were contributed by group members.
  • A remarkable 292% growth in comments and a 28% growth in reactions was observed.
  • A total of 296 group members (15% of the total) actively engaged by commenting on posts or creating their own content.
  • An astounding 891 new group members joined within the 28-day period.

Performance Comparison

    • Promoclub’s Facebook page outperformed competitors in its category:
      • More frequent creation of new posts.
      • A remarkable 4x increase in followers compared to the segment average.
      • An astonishing 11x increase in new followers compared to the segment average.
      • Interactions with content were 12 times higher than the segment average.

🤓 Yep, we did that.

The collaborative efforts between Promoclub and our marketing agency yielded extraordinary results in just two months. The engagement and growth across the Facebook group and page were nothing short of remarkable, driving increased website traffic and engagement metrics that far surpassed industry averages. Through a strategic blend of SEO, content creation, community management, and social media prowess, Promoclub witnessed exponential growth that is a testament to the power of a holistic and dynamic marketing approach. As we continue our partnership, we look forward to building on these achievements and propelling Promoclub to even greater heights in the online retail landscape.

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