Business Consultancy and Go-To-Market Strategy for SaaS (UCaaS)


  • Project: Successfully Finished
  • Period: 1 year
  • Target Audience: Call Centers, Sales & Marketing Departments, Customer Support Departments, Global Companies
  • Difficulty: High

Talkt, a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) SaaS platform, required comprehensive business consultancy and digital marketing services. As a platform that unifies communication channels and enhances workflow and performance for call centers, distributed companies, and sales & marketing teams, Talkt sought assistance in market research, pricing strategy, competitor analysis, and digital marketing direction. Key competitors on the market that we had to challenge are ZenDesk, 8×8, Twillio and other billion dollar companies.

The services 


Marketing Research


Pricing Stratrgy


SEO Content Strategy

🤓 Our approach

Zahara Consult took a holistic approach to address Talkt’s needs. We conducted in-depth market research to understand the UCaaS industry landscape, identifying key market leaders and their unique selling points. We analyzed crucial metrics, such as revenue, sales funnels, and conversion rates, to gain insights into industry dynamics.

Working closely with Talkt, we developed a comprehensive pricing strategy tailored to different industries and roles within the target market. This involved naming roles and designing the underlying business logic for more than 20 roles across 10 industries. Our business consultants leveraged their expertise to create a scalable and adaptable pricing model that catered to Talkt’s diverse client base.

To ensure a strong digital marketing foundation, our team conducted competitor research to identify key players in the market. We analyzed their sales funnels, marketing approaches, and budgets. Based on this research, we formulated a performance-oriented digital marketing strategy that encompassed concepts such as A/B testing, content creation, URL mapping, website architecture, and targeted ad sets for platforms like Facebook.


Over the course of 12 months, our collaborative efforts yielded remarkable outcomes for Talkt. Key achievements included:

  • Pricing Tiers and Software Adaptation: Talkt successfully implemented a comprehensive pricing structure that accommodated different industries and roles. The software system’s adaptability aligned with the specific business logic of each role, providing value to their diverse user base.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy: Zahara Consult worked closely with Talkt to create a specific go-to-market strategy for the US market. This involved defining clear KPIs and goals, establishing a strong market presence, and driving user acquisition and engagement.

  • Performance-Oriented Digital Marketing Plan: Talkt benefited from our data-driven digital marketing strategy, including A/B testing, content creation, URL mapping, and website architecture. By optimizing ad sets on platforms like Facebook, Talkt achieved enhanced visibility, increased traffic, and improved conversion rates.

Team Involved

  • Business Consultant: Our experienced business consultant provided valuable insights, market research, and strategic guidance throughout the project.

  • Content Marketing Expert: A content marketing expert played a vital role in creating engaging and persuasive content, tailored to the target audience and designed to support Talkt’s digital marketing efforts.

  • WordPress Developer: A skilled WordPress developer implemented website architecture and optimized the platform for improved user experience and lead generation.

  • Graphic Designer: A talented graphic designer contributed to the visual appeal of Talkt’s digital marketing materials, ensuring consistency and brand alignment.

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