Crafting an SEO Anthem For The
EDM Warriors


Project: Ongoing

Target audience: Music Producers in US & Europe Difficulty Level: High

Edmwarriors is an online platform offering ghost-produced music and services for EDM music. However, they faced challenges gaining online visibility and attracting organic traffic due to the highly competitive nature of the music ghost production industry.



Increased Monthly Impressions


Increased Monthly Clicks

New SEO Keywords Bringing Traffic

Keywords on #1st Page of Google

✨ Highligts ✨

  • From less than 2K Impressions/day -> 1.4 M Total Impressions for 8 months
  • From 102 clicks/day -> 40.2K Total Clicks for 8 months
  • From 10% CTR -> 87.22% CTR on All Brand Name Searches
  • From 0% -> 27.40% CTR on Lead Magnets
  • From 5% -> 12% CTR on Main Service & Product Pages
  • 71.42% Average Monthly Engagement Rate
  • 02:45 Average Time Spent on a Page
  • 55 Average Position Change of Existing Keywords
  • Only 12 Days after the start of our work, the website reached 3k clicks from Google

The services 


SEO Audit of the Website


Keyword Research & Mapping


SEO Content Strategy


SEO Copywriting


Monthly On-page & Off-page SEO

🔎 Project Overview

Zahara Consult developed a customized strategy to improve Edmwarriors’ online visibility and organic search rankings. Extensive research was conducted to identify relevant keywords and map them strategically throughout the website’s content.

Our team implemented ongoing On-Page & Off-Page SEO techniques to optimize the website’s performance and enhance search engine rankings. At the same time, engaging and keyword-rich content was created to improve the website’s visibility in search results and attract organic traffic.

“This year, we have seen a noteworthy increase in sales, and we expect the growth to be even more remarkable by the end of the year. This is definitely thanks to SEO, as well as other actions we are taking as a whole. Thanks for everything and let’s keep it up!” 🫡

CEO – Edmwarriors

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start of SEO work
new seo keywords

🤓 Our approach

Zahara Consult followed a meticulous implementation process to ensure the success of the SEO partnership. The key steps included:


Conducting a thorough website audit and competitive analysis to identify areas of improvement.


Comprehensive keyword research and mapping we crucial for improving search rankings and attracting organic traffic.


Collaborating with Edmwarriors to gain insights into their target audience and industry-specific requirements.


Suggestions for new categories, pages, and services were suggested based on search data. All ideas were executed by both teams and resulted in tremendous growth of the brand and increased brand awareness.


Executing on-page and off-page optimization strategies, including technical SEO improvements, link building, and content optimization.


Tracking and analyzing the website's performance using various SEO tools and adjusting strategies accordingly.


Consistent content updates and optimization were vital for boosting online visibility and engaging the target audience.

🧲 Lead Magnets

As part of the successful SEO partnership between Zahara Consult and Edmwarriors, a series of lead magnet pages were created to specifically target and attract ghost producers. These lead magnets, including the DJ Name Generator and BPM Finder, were strategically designed to engage the target audience and entice them to explore the website’s ghost-producing services. Those pages were quickly established as the top traffic generators of the platform, right after the homepage.

The implementation of these lead magnet pages contributed to an impressive 27.40% click-through rate (CTR) and played a crucial role in generating high-quality leads for EDM Warriors. 

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