Reaching 7 Figures through SEO For Ecommerce

The Client & The Brief

Project: Complete
Target audience: B2B & B2C

Project Duration: 4 years

Difficulty Level: Medium

GiftTube is the largest online platform in Bulgaria for purchasing gift vouchers for unique experiences. The company approached our marketing agency with the aim of enhancing their online visibility through effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. The project spanned a duration of 4 years and was categorized as a hard-level challenge due to the highly competitive nature of the gift voucher industry.



Daily Traffic Increase


Keyword Growth

Increased Impressions

✨ Highlights ✨

  • The ecommerce client reached 7 Figures through SEO in less than 4 years from the start of our partnership
  • Dominating the first page for all relevant niche keywords related to presents, gifts, gift vouchers and more.
  • Highly profitable ROI from SEO

Project Scope and Objectives

GiftTube’s primary goal was to amplify website traffic and drive substantial sales growth by leveraging organic search. The comprehensive SEO campaign was designed to encompass various elements:

Our Approach

Technical Audit and Optimization

A meticulous analysis of the website’s technical aspects was performed, identifying and rectifying issues that could impede search engine crawlers and indexing. The website’s speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall performance were optimized for better user experience and search engine ranking.

Keyword Research and Mapping

A comprehensive keyword research was conducted to identify relevant and high-potential keywords that could drive targeted organic traffic. These keywords were mapped to specific pages on the website for optimization.

Website Architecture and Restructuring

The entire website underwent a strategic restructuring, encompassing categories, products, and navigation, to ensure an intuitive user experience and efficient search engine crawling.

UX Audit and Design Improvements

The website’s wireframe and design were revamped based on user experience (UX) audit results, leading to enhanced user engagement, reduced bounce rates, and increased conversions.

SEO Content Strategy and Blog Management

A robust content strategy was devised, focusing on creating valuable and informative blog posts related to gift ideas, experiences, and more. The blog content aimed to engage users and establish GiftTube as an authority in the industry.

SEO Copywriting and On-page Optimization

High-quality SEO-focused content was crafted for product descriptions, category pages, and other on-page elements to improve search engine visibility and user engagement.

Off-page SEO and Backlink Building

External link-building efforts were implemented to boost the website’s authority and credibility, further enhancing its search engine ranking.

🚀 Our Results


40% Organic Traffic Dominance: Organic traffic emerged as the largest source of website visitors, accounting for a significant 40% share.


Consistent 7-Figure Revenue: The organic web traffic contributed to a remarkable achievement of generating a 7-figure sum in revenue for three consecutive years.


426.5% Daily Traffic Increase: An impressive daily traffic increase of 426.5% was attained, showcasing the substantial impact of the SEO campaign.


Highly Profitable Blog Posts: The ROI from SEO blog posts was notable, with each post generating a four-figure value in sales on average.


30% Organic Traffic from Blog Posts: More than 30% of the organic traffic was attributed to the engaging and informative blog content.


300% Keyword Growth: The number of ranked and indexed keywords experienced a remarkable surge of 300%.


10,000% Increase in Impressions: Impressions, indicating visibility in search results, soared by an astonishing 10,000%.


First-Page Domination: The client achieved first-page domination on Google for crucial keywords within their niche.


Extensive Keyword Presence: On average, GiftTube's website ranked on the first page of Google for approximately 30% of the indexed keywords on a monthly basis.

Through a comprehensive and strategic SEO campaign, GiftTube, the leading Bulgarian gift voucher platform, achieved outstanding growth in organic traffic, revenue, and search engine visibility. The collaboration between GiftTube and our marketing agency not only solidified the company’s online presence but also positioned it as a dominant player in the competitive gift voucher market. The exemplary results showcased the power of a well-executed and holistic SEO strategy in driving business success.

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