Transforming Cashless Future: A Brand’s Evolution into a Modern Payment App


  • Project: Completed
  • Target Audience: B2B & B2C 
  • Difficulty: High

Averato is a pioneering software solution that combines FinTech with IoT innovation.


  • Business Consultations & Setting Marketing Goals
  • Full Market Research – International FinTech market
  • Full Marketing Strategy: Digital & Offline 
  • Go-To-Market Strategy & Launch Campaigns 
  • Creative Designs & Concept Campaign
  • Referral Program Campaign Planning
  • Brand Building & USPs
  • Content Management & Planning
  • SEO Planning
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Performance Marketing Strategy
  • Website Architecture & Landing Pages

Project Overview

Zahara Consult had the privilege to collaborate with Averato, a pioneering software solution that combines FinTech with IoT innovation.

Averato’s breakthrough aimed to revolutionize vending machines by enabling them to accept cashless and contactless payments.

In this case study, we explore how Zahara Consult’s comprehensive marketing strategy transformed Averato’s vision into a modern, user-friendly app for cashless payments.

🤔 The Challenge

Averato faced the complex challenge of rebranding their cutting-edge IoT device into an intuitive, modern app for cashless payments. The target audience was both B2C and B2B markets, which added a layer of complexity to the project. The difficulty level was high due to the need to educate both markets about the benefits of cashless payments and build trust in the security of the solution.

🤓 Our approach

Zahara Consult initiated the project with in-depth consultations to understand Averato’s goals and aspirations. Clear marketing objectives were established, aligning with Averato’s vision to create a seamless cashless payment experience.

Full Market Research for entering the local European market

A thorough analysis of the international FinTech market was conducted to identify trends, competitors, and potential market entry points. This research formed the foundation of the marketing strategy.

Go-To-Market Strategy for Online & Offline Launch

Then, the team crafted a holistic marketing strategy encompassing both digital and offline channels. The strategy aimed to build awareness, educate users, and establish Averato as a trusted solution. A carefully planned go-to-market strategy was also developed to create excitement around Averato’s app launch. Targeted launch campaigns were designed to generate interest and attract early adopters in the region. A concept campaign highlighted the app’s ease of use and convenience.

To encourage user engagement and growth, Zahara Consult devised a referral program campaign that rewarded users for referring others to the app.

Setting clear USPs & Vision for the Brand

Averato’s unique selling points (USPs) were identified and integrated into the brand messaging. This helped create a distinct identity that resonated with the target audience. Zahara Consult optimized the app’s online presence through strategic SEO planning and tailored copywriting. This ensured that Averato’s app would be easily discoverable by potential users.

Social Media Management & Performance Marketing Strategy

A data-driven performance marketing strategy was developed to maximize reach and conversions. This included targeted ad campaigns and continuous optimization. 

SEO Website Architecture & Landing Pages

The website’s architecture was redesigned for seamless user navigation. Dedicated landing pages were created to highlight the app’s features, benefits, and user testimonials.


In summary, Zahara Consult’s strategic planning and execution played a pivotal role in helping Averato successfully transition from an IoT device to a contemporary cashless payment app, catering to a diverse audience and addressing the challenges posed by the complex FinTech market.

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